Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet

featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s search query within a search engine, which is displayed at the top of Google search results. This SERP result is also sometimes referred to as “position 0” or Google’s ‘answer box’ by digital marketers. The result is extracted from a page of a website, and includes the page’s title and URL.

There are three types of featured snippets that can be display, depending on the search query:

  1. Paragraph
  2. Table
  3. List

Paragraph snippet results are the most common and make up about 82% of all featured snippet results. List snippets appear in about 10.8% of results and table snippets in only about 7.3%.

Having your result appear in a featured snippet can help boost authority, build brand awareness, and will hopefully ultimately improve your organic traffic results and conversions.