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Our senior team manages all PPC in-house, no outsourcing, so you can trust us to deliver your results. We are a small & dynamic group that works seamlessly as a natural partner of your business. We begin each new PPC campaign by creating a granular account structure that is optimized for achieving your business needs. We include a mixture of long tail keywords with broader phrases to fit each client’s traffic and budget goals. This allows for bespoke ad copy that is engaging and relevant to prospective customers. Continual analysis of conversion rates and on site behavior ensures we are always getting maximum effectiveness for your online PPC campaigns.


"We'll turn your under performing campaign around in just 30 days."

Justin Hayward, Founder & CEO

It's Time To Turn Your PPC Up To 11!

Our PPC Services

Search Network Advertising

Ensure your business is appearing in the search engine results page for queries that your customers are using. Bespoke campaigns are fine tuned to catch users' attention and encourage them to make an action.

Display Network Advertising

Show your ads on relevant sites in the display network to catch your customers when they are browsing the web for related products. Targeting is finely tuned to ensure your ads appear on only the sites that match your customers' interests.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get more out of your website with data-driven insights on visitors engagements, purchase journey, and conversion funnels.


Recapture the attention of visitors who didn't convert with a highly targeted message, image, rich media, or video ads.


We streamline your ecommerce experience with direct sales analysis, conversion optimization, basket abandonment reduction and direct database integration to deliver the most efficient sales possible.

Mobile Advertising

Use mobile advertising to attract customers who are on-the-go. Target based on their exact location, time of day, what they search for and sites they visit.

  • Make It Rain devoted a great deal of time to educate us and develop a robust SEO strategy. They are very hands on and always available to answer even the simplest of questions. We are grateful for our partnership with Make It Rain.

    Stacey Webb, Nestlé® USA Marketing Manager

  • The Rock Stars of social media and online strategy, Make It Rain helped LA KISS grow its fan base to a national audience. Make It Rain rocks!