7 Fun Historical Facts You May Not Know About WordPress

There is no denying that in a very short time WordPress has taken over the online world and became the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet. With its minimalist design and search engine friendly structure, supported by one of the largest online community, it is impressive and inspirational how it all came about.

We wanted to pay tribute to the Big “W” so we poked around and found some interesting and educational facts.

Below are 7 fun historical facts you may not know about WordPress.

1) Code name ‘Jazzers’

Core developers of WordPress love jazz music so much, they name all the major releases in honor of jazz musicians, sadly Elisha Keys didn’t make the list (yet). Find the full list of releases or listen to the musicians here .

2) The Fellowship

Matt Mullenweg (Founder) recruited Yahoo executive Toni Schneider a former Oddpost CEO and formed Automattic, the company behind WordPress and Akismet, with 5 employees. “From small beginnings come great things. – Unknown”

3) The Chosen One

The first permanent WordPress logo was inked during 2009 by a guy name Ed Morita. The rest is history.

4) Darkest Hour

The worst WordPress outage happend on February 19th, 2010. As a result, 10.2 million blogs were deprived of 5.5 million pageviews. Faulty router wiring was blamed and innocent scapegoat was sacrificed to the mighty Internet god.

5) Alive and Kicking

Currently, there are 63,388,965 WordPress sites in the World  (population size of UK), and over 100k new WordPresses are created everyday. Thats twice as much as babies born in China, everyday.

6) Recognition

WordPress has the greatest brand strength of any open-source content-management systems. Take that Joomla & Drupal.

7) The Legacy

WordPress won its first award the Packt Open Source CMS Award in 2007, followed by the Best Open Source CMS Awards in 2009, the Hall of Fame CMS Open Source Awards 2010, and the Open Source Web App of the Year Award 2011. (source: wikipedia)

There it is folks, even with its short shelf life, the Big “W” continues to make history at every turn it makes. Aren’t you glad to be part of the ride?

Apr, 02, 2013