All The Latest From Social Media World Forum

If you were on Twitter on Monday you may have noticed #SMWF trending. Once a year brands converge in a quiet corner of East London to compare best practice in social media.

This year we’ve already had some very interesting insights from Day 1 and we’ve collated the best below for you.  From the Facebook zero conversation that dominated most of the seminars to the advent of Twitter and Google+ becoming even bigger in 201

For our Make It Rain clients you’ll have a slide deck going into more detail from brands such as ASDA, Philips and KLM. In the meantime here are some of the top tips from brands that can help a brand with their social media strategy this year.

ASDA – Those of your customers who haven’t bought into the brand yet, small amounts of paid which can be very targeted to a region or product is a huge opportunity for a brand, both on Facebook and Twitter.

 Unicef – We are still all human, we are just using different methods to communicate and a brand’s content needs to speak to us as humans.

Disney – You can’t make someone care or care enough to engage with, become a content creator about the general space the product is in,

 Philips – Unlock your customer’s passion, enable your audience to be the content creator, they can say things about your brand you can’t say that in marketing.

 Amnesty International – You need to enhance your press release with other forms of media, evolve the press release for the social age and use Twitter to promote your press release.

Expedia – Content is still king, think about a long term strategy for what you want to rank for, and build content with this in mind, short term gains won’t benefit your site.

Want to know more? Follow the hashtag for Day 2 at Social Media World Forum #SMWF or get in touch with the Make It Rain team for more insights from the conference.

Apr, 21, 2014