Amazon Polly: The Future of Content Marketing

In the last few months, announcements from Amazon, Google, and Facebook have made it necessary to start adjusting our marketing strategies across all channels if we want to see continued growth and success. From mobile first indexing, voice search, algorithm and paid ad cost changes, the very foundation of digital marketing best practice has been forever changed. Amazon Polly is yet another technological advancement that will permanently shake up how to successfully plan and market your site’s content.

So what exactly is Amazon Polly and why should your business start using it as part of your standard content marketing strategy from here on out? Let’s discuss.

What is Amazon Polly?

Amazon Polly is a low-cost service that turns text into lifelike speech. It allows users to create applications that talk, and build new categories of speech-enabled products. The service uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a natural human voice.

Amazon Polly provides male and female voice personas in a variety of language options that best fit your content needs. They offer tons of customization options, enabling you to control aspects of speech such as pronunciation, volume, pitch, speed rate and more.

One app you may have heard of or used before which has implemented Amazon Polly successfully is Duolingo. The e-learning app uses Amazon Polly for it’s language teaching service and has been wildly successful.

Amazon Polly + WordPress

WP engine recently announced they had partnered up with Amazon AWS to create an easy-to-use Amazon Polly WordPress plugin which will allow users to quickly and efficiently convert their WordPress site content from text to voice with a simple click of a button. This integration makes Amazon Polly more accessible than ever, which means more and more businesses will start using it regularly – including your competitors.

Why Amazon Polly is The Future of Content Marketing

In this day and age, commuting and less free time have made creating easily consumable short form content absolutely essential to a successful content and brand marketing strategy. Videos, online audio and podcasts have seen a drastic rise in popularity over the last few years and do not show any signs of slowing down.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to guess why adjusting your content plan to always include the step of converting text into audio will be key.

Creating Content That’s More Accessible to a Wider Audience

Amazon Polly will not only provide an additional way to get your content out to target audiences creatively, but it will also aid in making your site more accessible. This is an obviously favorable content marketing strategy that every business should employ.

Now you will have the option to turn your how-to guides, market insights, basic page content and blog posts into podcast-like content. If someone doesn’t have the free time to sit down and read, they will have the option of listening in. This will only increase your content’s chance of consumption, which means longer page durations, higher user engagement, more link building and social sharing opportunities, which will likely lead to organic ranking increases across the board.

Everyone Can Benefit from Using Amazon Polly

The best part about Amazon Polly is it’s a virtually painless, quick, easy to use, and low-cost service. It is definitely awesome for those that produce a lot of content, such as media outlets and publishers. Yet, there isn’t a business or industry type out there that couldn’t benefit from additional ways in getting content out to target audiences that barely affects their bottom line. This makes it a no-brainer, and is why your business should get on board with using Amazon Polly asap in lead of your competitors.

Apr, 02, 2018