Bing Drives More Traffic Than Google?

Have you seen the latest development regarding the sudden increase in Bing traffic? No? You mean, you didn’t hear about Bing overtaking Google?

Don’t panic, neither did we!

It wasn’t until we witnessed a sudden spike in traffic via Bing that led us to investigate further.

In my 10+ years in the search space I have never seen Bing traffic eclipse that of Google. While it would be awesome to have two major search engines, it seems we were right to hit the panic button.

We have been experiencing sudden growth in reported Bing traffic within Google Analytics.

Upon further investigation we identified the traffic was generated via Bing Adsbot. We then checked to see if this was reflected in Microsoft AdCenter and thankfully it wasn’t. No inflated media spend issue!



After some jousting between Bing and Google we found that another client had experienced the same trend.  This particular client, however, has another analytics platform in place, meaning we were able to compare data sets. The second analytics platform was not reporting the hike in traffic via Bing.

Therefore, the issue lies with Google Analytics! Shock horror!

This can cause huge issues for clients who are not used to using Google Analytics filters and I’m sure this has led to advertisers turning their back on Bing until the issue is resolved. Businesses can’t afford to report inaccurate visit numbers.

In this instance, the Bing platform is being punished for a GA issue.

Google has been made aware of the problem and engineers are working to rectify the situation.

Below is the Google line on rectifying the issue with links on how to apply filters to ensure you report accurate data.

“It’s due to Microsoft Adsbot. Generally, most of the traffic from bots are already filtered and we have engineers working on this specific issue related to Microsoft Adsbot. While the problem persists, a workaround is creating and applying filters on each profile to not consider traffic for network domain access to”

Have you been experiencing any similar issues?  Let us know in the comments below.

Mar, 11, 2014