How Facebook’s NEW Algorithm Update Will Affect Your Brand

January 23rd 2018

Facebook have released another new algorithmic change that is going to have a big impact on brands and social media managers.

The new change, which was announced on January 11th in Facebook’s Newsroom, will mean that brand and personality pages will find it much harder to engage a larger audience, as Facebook is now going to prioritize content from close connections over brands.

Why did Facebook update?

The social media giant has been under scrutiny the past few years for it’s algorithm shift in 2014, which gave businesses and brands priority over friends and family members.

Many users felt the social platform was pushing branded content above the posts they cared about. This year, Zuckerberg is on a mission to make the Facebook experience more meaningful to it’s users. The idea is that if users feel more connected to the stories they see, they will find greater value in the platform.

What does this mean for brands?

Initial reactions may be to panic, but Facebook hopes that this will bring greater profits for brands in the long run. They are forcing people to create better quality, more engaging content for it’s users.

Similar to Google’s shift away from keywords into user intent, this change forces brands to think about the topics that are important to their customers. Speculators have predicted that this post will hit brands that gain most of their traction from viral meme type posts, but will have little effect on brands producing thoughtful, quality content.

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While brands may not see as much exposure in their organic posts, Facebook have stated that ad distribution will not be effected. This means you can still use sponsored posts or goal driven campaigns to get your brand in front a larger audience. The downside: a potentially higher average cost per click.

Facebook is predicting that it’s users will now spend less time on the platform, making ad opportunities limited. This means more competition amongst advertisers. It’s become more important than ever to create valuable, relevant and quality posts to drive ‘meaningful reactions’ which Facebook will use measure success.

It’s too early to tell the effect this change will have on advertisers, but brands should begin to shift their social media strategy to focus on high quality posts. As always, social media proves itself to be a space for cooperation and building relationships. Put customers at the center of your content, and strive to create meaningful conversations to remain relevant on social channels.

Jan, 23, 2018