Twitter Launches New ‘Audience Insight’ Tool

Today Twitter launches audience insights to help it’s online advertisers further understand their followers.
The tool will allow advertisers to take a look at information about followers, and those who have engaged with existing Tweets. It will work for ads as well, providing more specific targeting criteria for promoted tweets. The tool’s dashboard includes categories such as demographics, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, etc.

It looks as follows:

What this means:
This is extremely useful for understanding and matching ads to your ideal audience. For example, if you sell women’s graphic tee’s- you can use Twitter’s audience insights to see what fashion trends users are interested in, products they’ve already purchased and demographics like gender, income etc. You can then launch a highly targeted ad campaign to reach your perfect customer.
The tool also lets you compare audiences- you’ll be able to see how your specific followers compare to Twitter users in general.

To get started, login to and select ‘Audience Insights’ from the ‘Followers’ drop down.

For more details, visit Twitter’s Blog

May, 27, 2015