Voice Search & PPC: Google Makes The First Move

You may have read my last post on voice search and PPC, where I outlined both the positive and negative implications that voice searching may have on pay per click campaigns, as well as some speculation for future uses.

As predicted, Google hasn’t wasted any time creating an opportunity to turn these voice powered searches into revenue. The tech giant has teamed up with large retailers like Walmart, Costco and Target for a new program, Shopping Actions, which allows them to list their products on Google Search, Google Express and Google Assistant (which is what’s used for  voice devices).

google shopping actions make it rain

Google Shopping Actions: What Are The Implications?

Retailers will be able to link their loyalty programs directly to search results, and in return pay Google a small piece each time a user makes a purchase. This strays from the standard pay per click model, but is a huge step in the direction of paid search for voice.

Partner retailer’s listings will appear under sponsored shopping results, and according to Google, won’t affect regular search results on the platform.

Google speculates this will offer a chance to influence shoppers’ purchasing behavior, allowing retailers to acquire more purchases across desktop, phones and now- smart devices with voice search enabled.

This is a bold leap through the doorway of a new PPC landscape, and we expect similar opportunities to follow.

Google claims to have created this offering due to an 85% surge of mobile users asking ‘where to buy’ certain products. According to analysts, this scenario most often ends with an Amazon purchase. The aim of the Shopping Actions program, which will be available to US based retailers of all sizes, is to help retail chains retain those customers searching for their products by directly linking them to their product pages.

They also believe this program will make online buying easier for consumers, providing them with a singular shopping cart and fast checkout features only currently available to Amazon shoppers.

Early results of the program indicated a 30% increase in the average size of customer shopping baskets.

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‘Smart voice devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home will be installed in 55 percent of U.S. households by 2022, according to Juniper Research. Amazon’s Alexa platform could generate $10 billion in revenues by 2020, a separate report from RBC Capital Markets estimated.’ (source)

If you’re an online retailer, talk to us about integrating Google Shopping Actions into your online ecommerce strategy.




Mar, 28, 2018