Matthew Kenney Cuisine

Celebrity Chef Training Schools - International PPC Campaign Management

The Challenge

Led by American Celebrity Vegan Chef Matthew Kenney, Matthew Kenney Cuisine offers plant-based chef training schools both online and onsite at state of the art kitchen academies in Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Milan and Toronto. Make It Rain was tasked with a primary objective to double their website lead submissions for their US and International Chef training schools.

PPC campaign results before Make It Rain:

• Average daily leads – 4
• Average cost per lead – $34
• Average conversion rate – 3.98%
• Average click through rate – 3.5%
• Average cost per click – $1.33

Make It Rain needed to retain the current daily leads and quality while increasing lead volumes and retaining the same standard of leads.

The Solution

In order to achieve Matthew Kenney Cuisines goal, Make It Rain developed a three phase strategy:

Phase 1: Account Clean Up

    • Included all ad extensions, mobile call extensions and reviews.
    • Updated new versions of ad copy more relevant to the key terms and stronger call to actions
    • Included mobile preferred versions of ads (with shorter copy and call to actions)
    • Reviewed keywords and adjusted bids based on performance data
    • Expanded the account to include geo-targeted campaigns with long tail key terms (based on geographic locations of the schools) to target specific niche audiences
    • Further expanded brand reach by including brand ads on the Bing search network
    • Implemented bid adjustments based on daily fluctuations of performance (increase bids on high lead volume days and lower bids on the weekends when conversion rate dramatically decreases
    • Included audience lists to increase bids within the search network for users who have already visited the site, but have not converted (RLSA)

Phase 2: Landing Page Testing

    • Multiple page variations and elements were tested on the generic, high volume keywords to increase conversion rate (vegan cooking school, raw cooking classes etc)
    • Promotions via PPC ads, and analysis on which types of ads worked best to drive conversions during sales
    • Facebook post promotion of the Matthew Kenney page as well as lead generation ads

Phase 3: Ongoing Optimization

    • Regular keyword bid reviews to lower average CPC figures
    • Regular ad reviews to maximize CTR and traffic into the site
    • Regular search term report analysis to continue our expansion of highly-relevant niche terms
    • Regular analysis and monitoring of online accounts
    • Research of latest ad features and beta tests
    • Regular reporting, data insight and client meetings
    • Flexible promotion ad scheduling and reporting

The Results

Through an efficient and effective PPC strategy and execution, Make It Rain was able to meet the client's goal of doubling their lead volume while also halving their cost per lead in less than a year.

Results with Make It Rain:

    • 100% increase in average daily leads. (8-9 a month)
    • 58% decrease in average cost per lead. ($14.43)
    • 63% increase in average conversion rate. (6.5%)
    • 107% increase in average CTR (7.25%).
    • 29% decrease in average cost per click. ($0.94)
Matthew Kenney PPC Campaign Improvements

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