Term Glossary

Ad Rank

Ad ranking is the position of a PPC ad on a SERP. It is dependent on the quality score of all the keywords paired with each ad, multiplied by the bid for that particular set of keywords. Generally speaking, the higher your ad rank is, the greater exposure your product or service will have from users searching for these terms (as your ad sits higher in the search results, and more users will see it).


Adsense is Google’s advertising placement service that lets websites earn money by allowing advertisers to display their (text, image or video) ads on their sites. AdSense is the website counterpart to Google AdWords. Ads are chosen and delivered based on the keywords embedded in the site to ensure that they’re being displayed to the right audience. Adsense also gives websites control over the process by allowing them to customize where they want ads to appear on their site and what types of ads they would like to appear.

Alexa Skill Kit (ASK)

An Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) is a collection of self-service tools and API’s that give brands an easy way to develop voice-driven capabilities for Alexa. This effectively ‘teaches’ Alexa new information and skills to serve up to voice searchers.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable text that contains a hyperlink to another page or website. Most of the time, this text shows up underlined in blue. In SEO, it’s recommended to make sure any anchor text is relevant to the page it’s linking to. Search engines use anchor text as an indicator of the page’s topic, so the more relevant it is, the better. For example, when linking to a site that sells yellow umbrellas, I should use the anchor text, “yellow umbrellas.”