Term Glossary


A heading is a title (and sometimes subtitle) of a webpage. Using headings helps with the structure and readability of your webpage. They can also help spiders navigate your page. There are different types of headings from h1 all the way to h6, with h1s being the largest and h6s the smallest. Headings are important to SEO because search engine spiders use them to prioritize the content on your site, and because they improve the overall reader experience.


A homepage is the main, default page of a website. It usually introduces the website or brand and is the hub that all other pages branch out from. A homepage is the webpage that comes up when you type in a site’s domain name. It serves as a directory that links to all the other pages on the site. For example, the home page of this site would be the URL, “https://www.makeitrainusa.com.”