Term Glossary


Impressions are when a particular ad or any other form of digital media appears on a user’s screen. This has nothing to do with whether a user clicks on your ad or not, just whether it appears. Impressions are great if you’re trying to increase brand awareness, and advertisers can choose to optimize for them by using a CPM strategy. Several factors can determine whether or not an ad gets impressions, such as keyword use, relevancy, bid amount, and more.   

Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs)

Intelligent personal assistants (IPAs), Digital Assistants, or Voice-Enabled Assistants, as they are commonly referred to, is software that has been designed to assist people through voice commands with basic everyday tasks, usually providing information using natural or conversational language.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things refers to the embedding of internet connectivity to everyday objects, such as cars, appliances, phones, smart speakers and more. This enables the objects to send and receive data via the web.

IP Address

An IP address is a string of numbers that identifies a particular device using the internet. IP addresses are automatically assigned to each unique device by the server. They can be used to track unique visitors coming to your site, user location, and other useful demographic information.  In addition, IP addresses are useful tools for delivering ads to users who have visited your site before in Remarketing campaigns.